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The Spa Sanctuary - Gwinganna - Australia

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

According to actor Hugh Jackson "The Spa Sanctuary at Gwinganna, Australia, is quite simply world class. One feels simultaneously immersed in nature and indulgent luxury." Fresh air, pristine water and the oldest rainforests in the world make this continent an exquisite location for cleansing the soul. Now you can cleanse your body and mind at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat - Australia's only 100 percent organic health destination. This eco-friendly spa sits proudly on a plateau on over 500 acres in a hidden region of the Tallebudgera Valley and enjoys breath-taking ocean views towards Queensland’s Gold Coast. It’s just waiting to be discovered… Gwinganna translates to “lookout” which was the original name given to the region by the Aboriginal people as the views stretch from Moreton Bay to Coolangatta. Guests are encouraged to follow in the Aboriginal’s footsteps with Dreamtime.

This is a part of the day during which guests are urged to slow down and appreciate their surroundings and enjoy the environment. Each day after lunch you are invited to stop... visit the spa or book a wellness therapy, read a book, nap, sit by the pool, relax in one of Gwinganna's many lounge areas, wander through the organic orchard or take a stroll down to the rainforest. The 33-room Spa Sanctuary has two swimming pools, an elevated outdoor deck and lounge which overlook the native spa garden and Crystal Steam Room. Gwinganna cuisine enjoys a clean and pure journey from preparation to plate as most of the food is grown on site in the organic gardens. Resident botanist and social ecologist John Palmer offers early morning nature walks and gives talks to inspire guests to adopt a more sustainable approach to living in the modern world. He is also the beekeeper and regularly harvests the Gwinganna honey. The team at Gwinganna have now launched their first book From Garden to Gourmet which is a celebration of organic cuisine packed with recipes to create at home. 

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