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The Scarlett Spa- Cornwall, United Kingdom

As you sit simmering away in a burnt red hot tub perched on the cliff top overlooking the breath-taking Cornish coast in the UK you almost become at one with nature. Scarlet’s is an award-winning 37-bedroom hotel spa for adults built to the highest eco standards, boasting delicious locally-sourced food and the best Ayurvedic-inspired spa you can imagine. Spa-goers get the chance to take a dip in Scarlet’s natural pool which uses a living reed bed as a filtration system; micro-organisms and plants balance the chemistry of the water ensuring clean, clear and hygienic conditions for an exhilarating outdoor, fresh water swimming experience. Having a chemical free, fresh water pool planted with flora encourages a high level of biodiversity.

The spa roof is planted with native Sea Thrift, a plant which naturally occurs along North Cornwall's cliff top. All the Scarlet spa journeys start with a consultation with a Tri-Dosha qualified practitioner and include an ayurvedic diagnosis to determine your body type, known in Sanskrit as ‘Dosha.’ There are three types of ‘Dosha’ – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These identify and assess your body’s individual combination of vital energies and it is the balance (and imbalance) of these energies that guides the therapists to create the most appropriate treatment for you.

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