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KYU Restaurant - Miami, Florida

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

It’s not surprising that Wynwood is home to two of the greenest restaurants in Miami, and KYU, located at 251 NW 25th St., also happens to offer some of the best cuisine in the area. The wood-fired Asian barbecue spot awakens the taste buds with a menu that unites bright, clean notes and indulgent, rich flavors. If that’s not enough of an attraction, chef Michael Lewis and general manager Steven Haigh crafted the concept with sustainability in mind. Potted micro herbs dot the dining room, and a full garden is in the works. KYU also strives to use local ingredients and recently donated 10,000 trees to be planted in West Africa. There’s even an in-house Orca composter that turns food waste into water — something few other Miami restaurants can match. 

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