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Karkloof, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

The spirit of Spa-fari looks bright when you visit Karkloof as this is you’re an all-singing health zone in the heart of ZwaZulu Natal. It lolls happily in a green bowl with acres of stunning countryside, craggy cliffs in the distance and the glittering waters of the Albert Falls Dam oozing freshness and light. Just soaking up the great outdoors can be mediation in itself. You can spot kudu, springbok, giraffe and zebra, go for daily nature walks, mountain bike, trek, fish and swim at Africa’s first destination spa which was designed and built in the most environmentally friendly way possible. There are 17 spacious treatments rooms each with magnificent views of the surrounding valley. The spa was designed to seamlessly merge with the natural surroundings and eco-friendly methods have been used throughout its construction. Living roofs, which allow the buildings to become part of the landscape, and thatched walkways are just two of the eco-conscious elements of the design.

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