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Biossance - Skin Care with Integrity

Pioneered sustainable beauty through bi

otechnology. Today, have created a 100% plant-based Squalane skincare line made from better purer ingredients that are good for the planet.

They have blacklist 2,000+ ingredients that are either proven to be toxic or potentially toxic for you and the environment. This surpasses regulatory agencies around the world. Currently the US only bans 12 ingredients, while Europe leads the way with 1,367+ that are not allowed for cosmetic use.


Did you know that laws in the US governing cosmetic safety haven’t changed since 1938? As members of the Counteract Coalition, an alliance of clean beauty brands, we’re advocating to form stricter guidelines and demand safer products through the Personal Care Safety Act. You, too can create change with your buying power. Only purchase products from brands committed to creating nontoxic skincare.

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