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Aprazival Restaurant - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Aprazível Restaurant is located in Santa Teresa, a carioca district where life flows at a slower pace. Innumerous reasons do justice to its name as the word aprazível means pleasant: the view of the Guanabara Bay, the poetic sun- set, the patterned trees that provide cooler days in the summer and protection from the cold in wintertime, the cozy ambiance and the background music make coming to Aprazível a true sensory experience.

Born and brought up in Minas Gerais, Ana Castilho  evokes her origins in the surrounding decor as well as in the cuisine. An old house is part of a refined scenario with attentive service. At the table, a culinary that uses tropical ingredients to blend Brazilian and international cuisines. Many of our ingredients are organic produce from sustainable farming and exclusive raw material from different parts of the country. Those who appreciate contact with nature as well as bold gastronomic experience and informality will feel at home here.

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