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AllBirds - Mens and Womans Shoes

TOMS is a brand of sustainable footwear made to give back. The brand is well-known in the US, and today, you may consider it one of the most mainstream sustainable fashion brands on the market. However, you may not realize that there are other sustainable footwear brands making similar tracks in the eco-friendly fashion world. Known as Allbirds, this brand of sustainable footwear has been called the “world’s most comfortable shoe.”

These understated shoes are fuss-free as the laces are developed to hold without tying. Allbirds are already a go-to shoe made with sustainable materials including a sugarcane sole, upper fabrics of eucalyptus, and a natural Merino wool outer.


These sustainably made shoes aren’t just ultra-comfortable, they are made with the highest-quality materials available. Here is a quick breakdown of the eco-friendly fashion materials:


The understated look of Allbirds shoes may fool some people, but for those who know about the soft comfort of Merino wool, nothing about Allbirds is shocking. The plush feel of the material is nothing short of a miracle from Mother Nature. Using ultra-fine fibers, 20% the diameter of human hair, the Merino wool is woven into a breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking shoe that never irritates the delicate skin of your upper foot.


TENCEL™ Lyocell is a unique fiber derived from South African farms. When compared to cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell uses 95% less water during production for ½ the carbon footprint. This material also holds a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®, meaning that it sources materials that meet strict standards to protect forests, and the people and wildlife that depend on them.


SweetFoam™ shoe soles transform around your feet to comfort and cradle them in natural materials. Using sugarcane sourced from southern Brazil, SweetFoam™ offers a completely renewable source of materials for sustainable luxury.


Plastic is one of the Earth's worst enemies. As far as Allbirds is concerned, just one recycled plastic bottle equals one pair of Allbirds shoelaces.


This material is used to help boost the natural content of the insoles.


Allbirds’ packaging is made with 90% recycled cardboard. With stores in New York, San Francisco, and London, you’ll find that the world’s most comfortable shoe is one of the hottest trends in fashion today. If you cannot make a trip to one of these top American tourist destinations, you can order Allbirds online. NOTE: Inspired by the flock of New Zealand sheep, this sustainable wool is processed using 60% less energy than materials used in processing synthetic shoes.

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